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MongoX is an async python ODM (Object Document Mapper) for MongoDB which is built on top of Motor and Pydantic.

The main features include:

  • Fully type annotated
  • Async support Python 3.7+ (since it's built on top of Motor)
  • Elegant editor support (since it's built on top of Pydantic)
  • Autocompletion everywhere, from object creation to query results
  • Custom query builder which is more intuitive and pythonic
  • 100% test coverage

MongoX models are at the same time Pydantic models and have the same functionalitties, so you can use them with your existing Pydantic models.



$ pip install mongox


You can define mongox models the same way you define Pydantic models. The difference is they should inherit from mongox.Model now:

import asyncio

import mongox

client = mongox.Client("mongodb://localhost:27017")
db = client.get_database("test_db")

class Movie(mongox.Model, db=db, collection="movies):
    name: str
    year: int

Now you can create some instances and insert them into the database:

movie = await Movie(name="Forrest Gump", year=1994).insert()

The returned result will be a Movie instance, and mypy will understand that this is a Movie instance. So you will have type hints and validations everywhere.

Now you can fetch some data from the database.

You can use the same pattern as PyMongo/Motor:

movie = await Movie.query({"name": "Forrest Gump"}).get()

Or you can use Movie fields instead of dictionaries in the query (less room for bugs):

movie = await Movie.query({ "Forrest Gump"}).get()

And finally you can use a more intuitive query (limited yet):

movie = await Movie.query( == "Forrest Gump").get()

Notice how we omitted the dictionary and passed the Movie fields in comparison.

Please refer to the documentation here or the full examples here.